Ubiquiti Networks NanoStation M5 NSM5

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Part No NSM5

400 MHz Atheros Processor
32MB RAM / 8MB Flash Memory
3.65 GHz Operating Frequency
2 x 10/100 BASE-TX Ethernet Interface
13 dBi Antenna Gain
28 dB Minimum Cross-pol Isolation
Passive Power over Ethernet
Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic Enclosure



Ubiquiti Networks NanoStation M5 NSM5

The NanoStation5 Broadband Outdoor Wireless CPE Router from Ubiquiti Networksfeatures a broadband wireless CPE technology, hi-gain two antenna system, advanced radio architecture, and firmware technology allowing throughput, stability, and capacity performance. The NanoStation5 is a reliable solution for high performance and can work in extreme temperature and weather conditions. NanoStation5 utilizes Adaptive Antenna Polarity technology, which can statically or dynamically switch antenna polarities to optimize your connections. The AirOS is an intuitive, versatile Ubiquiti -firmware technology that is included with NanoStation5. It is designed to require no training to operate. Behind the user interface is a powerful firmware architecture which enables high-performance outdoor multi-point networking.

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More Information
Part No NSM5
GTIN-/EAN-Code 0602003745478
UPC 602003745478
Dimensions Length (inch) 294
Dimensions Width (inch) 31
Dimensions Height (inch) 80
Country of Manufacture China
Brand Ubiquiti

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Lou | Verified Purchase | 23/02/2021
Great wifi bridge
Works great! Using them for a security camera at my gate that is 500' away. Overkill maybe but for the price it sure beat digging a trench. I had power already at the gate so that helped with the install. I followed step by step instructions on YouTube (Cross Talk). This was a big help in determining what to buy. Very straight forward.

David Nive | Verified Purchase | 23/02/2021
Great! Only needed one!
I have a metal sided pole type shop building that I wanted to get internet to from my house. I was able to do that with just one of these and a cheap router to distribute the signal in the shop. The nano is isn't even mounted outside. It's inside the metal shop building peaking out a window, aimed at a window in my house that's the same room as the main internet router. Distance from window to window is about 70 ft. Signal is -64 decibels. I'm getting full speed (50Mps via ethernet cable and about 14Mps via wireless connection to the cheap router). These Nano things are really nice and setup is not terrible if you watch a few of those Crosstalk videos on Youtube.

scot moris | Verified Purchase | 23/02/2021
Easy Setup Bridging Two Buildings
This thing is awesome. I used it to replace an older 11g poe bridge with seperate 9db antenna. I remember paying almost AED 290 for the old setup, and it needed occasional rebooting. This thing is running rock solid at 300 mbps for the last couple months in winter weather. No reboots needed to date. My setup is a bit diffrent than most others I've seen so I'll mention it here. I'm spanning approx 100' line of sight without obstacles. This is well below the devices capabilities, so I'm only running one Nano. I have it pointed at a window in the other building right in front of the access point. For this distance and limited obstacles, I've found the single Nano to work just fine.