About Us

Syscom was established to provide quality brands of IT products and services in UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Oman and other regions. Our product segment covers Networking Solutions, Data Centre Solutions, Storage, Security, Software, Hardware, Telecommunication products and services. We ensure that our customers can order and get their products on time and at best rates in a click touch via our ecommerce platform.


Syscom offers tech solutions to global customers in a focused set of verticals that includes sectors like education, health, banking, insurance, manufacturing, hospitality and MEP projects. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke, flexible and affordable packages without compromising on quality.


Over the years, the company has been striving to meet the demand for niche solutions in the regions through its plethora of quality products and highly skilled manpower. We offer our customers the most comprehensive range of products and services with the maximum value.


We’re here to handle all your IT requirements, from advice to support and solutions, so please have a look around and get what you need in a click touch. And of course, if you’re not sure, please do contact us, our sales team is always there to assist you.


Why Choose Us?

Deep Industry Experience

Syscom draws on deep industry experience gained over from various projects across our major industry verticals. With the depth of our experience, we can deliver our clients with the exact solution they require, thus being the trusted partner to complement your IT team.

Our Expert Team

Your project will be handled by our team of experts. Our talented professionals are ready to assist, design and work according to needs. They have been responsible for the satisfaction, retention and growth.

Fast Response

We make things easy for you by our fast response. Our dedicated crew including our managers, technical and support team, anticipate and address your needs proactively, handling every detail. When issues arise, we respond quickly to minimize disruption.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction by providing them with cost-effective products with superior quality. With over 300+ satisfied customers, we continue to improve our services, optimize our purchase channels and adopt advanced management systems to reach and serve the customers globally.


What We Really Do?

We sell various IOT products including network switches, telephony solutions, servers, security solutions, Wi-Fi solutions, CCTV surveillance, point of sales, and so on across infinite brands to ensure that our customers get the exact product that they are looking for.


Agility makes us stand out from others. We can react immediately and customize the solutions based upon our client needs and can ensure 24/7 deploy services. We listen exactly what you need, and provide the exact solution that fits your requirements.


What We Offer You?

  1. Superior quality products from world’s top brands
  2. Swift delivery
  3. Best affordable rates
  4. Round the clock support
  5. Best customer care services