Ubiquiti Networks airFiber 60 AF60

Expected dispatch on : July 16 - 17
Part No AF60

airFiber 60 GHz/5 GHz Radio System with 1+ Gbps Throughput


  • 60 GHz radio with 5 GHz radio backup
  • Low-interference 60 Ghz spectrum
  • Long range, up to 2 km
  • Up to 1 Gbps with low latency
  • Integrated GPS
  • Full and half bandwidth support


Ubiquiti Networks airFiber 60 AF60

AF60 is a 60 GHz radio for low-interference and high-throughput connectivity. It's integrated with a high-gain dish antenna for long range and high performance. For the 60 GHz link, the AF60 supports two channel width options: 2 GHz and 1 GHz – automatically switching between both options depending on link performance.

More Information

More Information
Part No AF60
Dimensions Length (inch) 413
Dimensions Width (inch) 413
Dimensions Height (inch) 320
Country of Manufacture China
Brand Ubiquiti


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