D-Link DHP-346AV Powerline AV 4-Port Switch DHP-346AV/E

D Link
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Part No DHP-346AV/E


  • D-Link Green features save energy by cutting power to unused ports
  • Connect devices according to their priority to ensure high quality connections for sensitive applications
  • The Simple Connect Button gets your powerline network up and running quickly


D-Link DHP-346AV Powerline AV 4-Port Switch DHP-346AV/E

DHP-346AV Powerline AV 4-Port Switch


D-Link’s DHP-346AV Powerline AV 4-Port Switch uses the HomePlug AV standard for a fast and easy way to expand your network to all corners of your home. HomePlug AV offers speeds of up to 200 Mbps1, making it an ideal solution for fast Internet access, lag-free gaming, streaming video, and Voice over IP (VoIP). This router includes four Fast Ethernet ports and a Simple Connect Button for establishing a secure powerline network connection in just a few seconds.


Port-based QoS simplifies the process of setting up a high-performance network. You can easily ensure the performance of devices which require the highest quality of service for gaming, VoIP, and multimedia applications. Plug these high performance devices into the high-priority Ethernet ports, and this switch takes care of the configuration for you. The security of your data is ensured through AES data encryption which protects the powerline network from intruder wire-tapping.

Save Energy with D-link Green

D-Link Green features for the DHP-346AV include PLC (Power Line Communication) power saving and power saving by link status. PLC power saving shuts down the powerline function when no Ethernet activity is detected. Power saving by link status automatically detects the link status of wired devices and reduces the power usage of ports that are idle.

What this product does

Connect the DHP-346AV to your powerline network to share your connection with multiple computers, game consoles, or media players throughout your home or office. Simply press the Simple Connect Button to join this device to your powerline network. Once connected, your switch will be able to deliver a high-speed connection to up to four Ethernet devices.

Product Features

- QoS by port
- Power saving by link status and PLC
- Simple Connect Button for easy configuration of AES powerline encryption

More Information

More Information
Part No DHP-346AV/E
Country of Manufacture China
Brand D Link
Switches PoE
Port Count 1 to 10
Memory 256 MB flash


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