IDEMIA Partner in UAE

IDEMIA, originally known as Safran Morpho, is a France-based global leader providing custom security solutions to some of the world's most digitally advanced industries.

They are the global leader in augmented identity for an increasingly digital world. Leading means staying ahead of the disruptive innovations impacting our security landscape. INDEMIA understands the need to protect people in both their physical and digital worlds, especially as the growth of connectivity will fuel more and more digital services.

World's leading biometric enrollment and verification solutions. Syscom Distribution is the leading partner for IDEMIA in the Middle East and African regions.

Easy integration and hard-to-forge biometric features make it the best identity authentication and access control system that overcomes most vulnerabilities to enable universal identification.

IDEMIA specializes in morpho fingerprint readers, biometric tablets, identification and authentication, digital security, and data and video analytics.

IDEMIA's innovative biometric terminals guarantee authorized persons smooth access to secured areas. Whether alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or IP-networked, indoors or outdoors, our biometric access solutions are modular.

IDEMIA's biometric time clocks provide accurate clock-in and clock-out records that enable organizations to increase workforce management efficiencies.

Syscom offers you the latest IDEMIA products with the shortest response time to a request and at the best available prices in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.


Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems

  • Facial recognition system
  • Iris recognition
  • Finger vein recognition
  • Biometric terminals
  • e-gates
  • ID Cards
  • ePassports
  • SIM Cards
  • Biometric Card Readers Speed Cameras
  • Explosives and Narcotics Detection Systems



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